Brew Your Own Tea Latte at Home

Latte is usually associated with coffee and milk. For us tea drinkers, who also wants the richness of milk on its cup of tea can create a tea latte.This rich yet simple drinks can be easily made at home with TEMA Tea. So, what is tea latte, really? Just like caffe lattes, it is made with steamed or frothed milk. However, instead of coffee espresso, we filled the cup with tea, usually the strong flavored ones. It can be served both warm and cold.

The basic ingredients needed to make a tea latte are concentrated brew tea, sweetener, and frothed milk. Thus far, our favorites TEMA Tea for tea latte are:

  • French Earl Grey

  • Autumn (Chai Masala)

  • Contentment


So what are the steps?

Here’s how:

1. Take a teapot and brew your tea with 90C hot water (1tbsp/150ml).




2. Brew it for 5 minutes to make the tea full of flavors and aroma.


3. Add drops of honey, simple syrup, or vanilla syrup to add some sweetness to your tea and stir to mix it well.


 4. Meanwhile, pour full cream milk into a frother (we preferred full cream milk to create a nice creamy milk foam). You can decide how foamy your milk is, we liked it to be really foamy.


5. Pour your frothed milk carefully, you can use a spoon (don’t use metal spoon to scoop the foam and place it on top of your tea nicely.


 6. Sprinkle some cinnamon, chocolate powder, or brown sugar on top of your foam to give it a photo-ready tea!


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