Our Very First TEMA Tea Blending Workshop

Our Very First TEMA Tea Blending Workshop

Showing our customers how we make our tea is a great way to both engage and learn what they actually like. This month, we decided to do just that and host our very first TEMA Tea Blending Workshop. Casual but informative, we got together a small intimate group of people at our partner cafe, Popolo Bogor, where everyone learnt (hopefully!), sipped, and mixed-and-matched ingredients to create their very owned personalized jar of goodness.

So what exactly happened during our workshop?


1. Basic Knowledge


“What is tea?"

“How does tea processing work?”

“What makes tea leaves have different color and bitter levels?”




During our workshop we explained the basic foundation of tea. From the types of tea leaves to the different processing methods, we covered a range of topics to make sure the participants got to really know what is actually in their cups. The relaxed environment was a great chance for the participants to discuss and ask questions such as the three above.


2. Tea Tasting


Once the basics was settled, we provided 4 different types of popular Indonesian tea (Black, Green, Oolong, and White Tea) and brewed each one for our participants so they can differentiate how each tasted and looked.

Can anyone guess which types of tea these are just by looking at their color?



We then brewed a few selected flavors of our own TEMA Tea and asked the participants to guess the ingredients based on the taste, smell and color.




3. DIY Tea Blending


We saved the best part for last. Using the proper measuring technique and tea blending tips n’ tricks, our participants were given the chance to come up with 2 of their own tea blends using the ingredients that we provided.



One of the participants mixed White Tea with Lavender, Rose and Lemon. While another mixed Green Tea with Pandan and Black Pepper. Can you imagine the taste right now as you hear those ingredients? Each of the blends were unique to the participants and for sure it put smiles on their faces.

Overall, the experience of hosting a workshop was really fun, and we sincerely hope everyone who participated had a great time. We are very excited to travel to more cities and expand our tea workshops, and most importantly to meet each and every one of you. Join us!



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  • Hi Pauline, we’ll have few workshops in these upcoming months, however everything is still in the finalizing process. We will post it both on our website and instagram once it’s all set. So stay tuned and keep in touch!

    Sharen Lovefyma on
  • Hello, may i know if you have opened tea workshop? I would like to join if there is. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks

    Pauline Tan on

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