"Reuse" TEMA Tea Packaging

"Reuse" TEMA Tea Packaging

“Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.”


3 words that have been embedded on almost everyone’s head but only a few acts on it. As a brand that focuses on being local and sustainable, we sing these 3 words at work, at home, even during our sleep. On this opportunity, we would like to discuss the importance of “Reuse” and how we implemented it here.


As you may or may not aware, sometimes on our Jar Box Packaging, you may find something like this.


 A box with its package date covered in black square and covered by a sticker. Some had asked us,

What’s with the black box?

Why are you covering the package date?

Is it old?



This is actually one of our efforts to reuse.

We ONLY reused the jar boxes that have been returned to us by our B2B partners for various reasons. We made sure that it is perfectly clean and spotless to protect the glass jar inside before we decided to reuse it.

And for the tea, we ONLY and ALWAYS sell the freshest tea batch for all of our customers. You may check on the quality of the tea from the appearance, smell, and taste of the tea.


There are 2 main reasons why we decided to reuse our jar boxes: 

  1. To tell you the truth, we really don’t have the heart to throw away such a perfect box that is in perfect shape and at its best function.
  2. Overpackaging has been one of the biggest contributors to waste pollution. Yes, there are those recycling centers around our cities. However, how many percents of all of our waste, will be recycled? 


With that said, we hope that you can understand our efforts in implementing the 3R. We also hope that all of our customers start to implement 3R in daily life. Climate change is not a myth. You’ve seen what waste pollution does to Jakarta recently. Let us put action on saving the mother earth by changing our individual habit.


If you have any notes to discuss, please contact us anytime. We’d love to chat with you, especially when it is about sustainability.

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