Another TEMA Tea Blending Workshop

Another TEMA Tea Blending Workshop

After gaining such a positive success from our previous workshop in Bogor, we decided to throw another Tea Blending Workshop Class again. This time, the workshop is located in Jakarta. The enthusiasm for this workshop was beyond our expectation, the slot for the seats were sold just a day after we announce the event.

We gathered 13 participants to join us at ONNI House and learn how to properly blend ingredients to get a delicious cup of tea on their own while exchanging knowledge to one another.

For those who are wondering, here is the summarized version of our Tea Blending Workshop in Jakarta.




1. Casual but Educational Workshop

With the help of the christmassy atmosphere in ONNI House, the whole vibes of the workshop was very homey and casual. Before the class began, we exchanged few words to one another. With a simple question like, “Why are you interested on joining this workshop?”, some came out with a pretty interesting answer.




2. Back to Tea Basics

We started with sharing information about basic knowledge of tea. By understanding where they came from, how they are made and the difference of tea variants, our participants will then understand the significant difference of each type, therefore, able to decide which tea to be used for their tea blends.




3. Measuring, Mixing and Tasting!

The art of tea blending, is not just about choosing delicious ingredients together, it is also about creating the perfect measure for your tea blend recipe.

Aside from the first workshop, our participants in Jakarta came up with some pretty unique choices for their tea blend. One of the participants mixed Chamomile with Butterfly Pea, making it a beautiful Blue Colored Chamomile Tea.




To sum up, the whole afternoon was really fun and productive for us and (hopefully) the participant as well. We would like to thank you everyone for participating and for ONNI House for providing us a beautiful place to host this event.



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  • Hi, Im a tea lover from Surabaya! Any chance you can have the same event here?

    Also, how to get and update for your future events?

    Vivi on

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