Glass Strainer
Glass Strainer
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Glass Strainer

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Elegant design of transparent glass with handle glass Colander filter. It is made of boron-silicate green eco-friendly glass which is crystal clear and premium. It has  good mechanical strength and strongly resistant to acids, alkalies, and other chemicals. Simple, easy to clean and durable. 



High boron-silicate, heat-resistant temp: 450°C

Notice: The filter is not glass



- Add tea leaves into the teapot
- Pour hot (right temperature) water into the teapot
- Wait for a few minutes (depends on what kind of tea leaves) until the tea is ready
- Set the glass strainer on the top of a cup or hold it
- Pour the tea on the glass strainer, and let the strainer hold off your tea leaves. 
- Leave the tea leaves on the glass strainer until your second brew, and repeat these steps.