Brew Your Own Tea Latte at Home

Latte is usually associated with coffee and milk. For us tea drinkers, who also wants the richness of milk on its cup of tea can create a tea latte.This rich yet simple drinks can be easily made at home with TEMA Tea. So, what is tea latte, really? Just like caffe lattes, it is made with steamed or frothed milk. However, instead of coffee espresso, we filled the cup with tea, usually the strong flavored ones. It can be served both warm and cold. The basic ingredients needed to make a tea latte are concentrated brew tea, sweetener, and frothed...

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How to Brew TEMA Tea?

Tea Type Tsp / 1 Cup Temperature Steep Time Caffeine Level Green 1 tsp 80˚C 1 - 2 minutes 5 - 10% of Coffee White 2 tsp 80˚C 2 minutes 1% of Coffee Black 1 tsp 90˚C 2 - 3 minutes 20% of Coffee Oolong 1.5 tsp 90˚C 3 minutes 20% of Coffee Flower/Fruit 1 tsp 98˚C 4 minutes Caffeine Free     Heat water to the appropriate temperature. Add your loose leaf tea to a tea strainer. Put the tea strainer into your desired tea cup or teapot. Pour the heated water over the tea strainer.   Time your steeping (steeping...

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How to Cold Brew your Tea?

Tired of drinking your favorite tea hot? Try cold-brewing your favorite tea, it might taste better when its cold. Cold brewing your tea allows your tea leaves to open up slowly and extracts less caffeine and catechins. What does it means? It means, in terms of flavor, cold brew tea will be less bitter and produce only its original flavors. So how do you cold brew a tea? Here’s how.   Get yourself a tall brewing pot (800ml) Take 3 to 4 tablespoons of loose leaf tea of your choice   Fill it with cold / room temperature water (700ml)...

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