How to Cold Brew your Tea?

How to Cold Brew your Tea?

Tired of drinking your favorite tea hot? Try cold-brewing your favorite tea, it might taste better when its cold. Cold brewing your tea allows your tea leaves to open up slowly and extracts less caffeine and catechins. What does it means? It means, in terms of flavor, cold brew tea will be less bitter and produce only its original flavors.

So how do you cold brew a tea?

Here’s how.


Get yourself a tall brewing pot (800ml)

Cold Brew Tema Tea 1

Take 3 to 4 tablespoons of loose leaf tea of your choice

Cold Brew Tema Tea 2


Fill it with cold / room temperature water (700ml) and seal your cold brew pot

Cold Brew Tema Tea 3


Leave it for 8 hours or overnight inside your refrigerator (depends on how strong you want your tea to be)

Cold Brew Tema Tea


Strain the tea leaves and your cold brew tea is ready to be enjoyed

Cold Brew Tema Tea 5


Going further, you can play around with the length of time and the type of tea you choose. The longer you let it stay,  more flavor will come out of the tea. Even more, add ingredients to your cold brew tea to enhance the flavors. Few of the ingredients that we like to put in our tea:

  • Mint leaves
  • Citrus zest
  • Muddled berries
  • Honey or other natural sweetener
  • Fruit juice or syrup
  • Frothed milk


Have fun and let us know what you have experiment with! Tag or DM us your pictures and recipes on Instagram.


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